'Workaholics' Recap: 'Best Buds'

Alice is back for a quick minute on this week’s episode of Workaholics. But she can’t outshine the main attractions: Karl, legal marijuana, a dead skunk, and an old burrito shack.

Karl Hevacheck, the drug-dealer to Adam, Blake, and Anders, decides to turn his street job into a business that is actually legal. As a gift to his loyal customers and buds, Karl arrives to their Rancho Cucamonga abode with three medical marijuana cards. He has self-diagnosed Blake with insomnia, Anders with migraines, and Adam with AIDS. Since it is “legal” weed after all, the telemarketers realize they should be able to smoke while at work.

Alice, their snarky boss, makes a short appearance, which is just enough time to make it known how idiotic their decisions are. After the guys threaten to quit if not allowed to smoke on the job, Alice practically opens the door for them. She questions her decision of hiring them every single day, so when the opportunities arise for her to never see them again she is never upset. With that, the guys decide to make a glamorous exit out of TelAmeriCorp, where they then join Karl at his new burrito/marijuana shack to start up their own business. The job requires them to eat and smoke all day long – it's the perfect match.

Anders assumes his usual role as the responsible one and becomes co-owner of the restaurant, “Best Buds”, along with Karl. Everything is set into place, and all that is left is to cook some of the newly invented burweedos and clean up the skunk road kill that is stinking up their entrance. With Adam and Blake working the back of the house, neither of these tasks are completed. The duo spend a little too much time smoking and not enough time cooking, and they are ultimately banished to the outdoors to be mascots. This leads to even more problems, resulting in Adam and Blake almost being fired.

“Best Buds” is put to the test when a renowned food critic comes by for a taste. As pay back to their commanding bosses, Adam and Blake cook up a burrito that is filled with the rotten skunk meat from outside. It is repulsive to watch Karl and Anders eat the bloody burritos, but fortunately the food critic doesn’t have to ingest the road kill covered in maggots. He makes a clean break for it, never to return. The result: “Best Buds” has failed, Karl returns to selling drugs illegally, and the roommates are back at TelAmeriCorp.

Top 3 lines from Adam this week:
“My cuteness has nothing to do with this.”
“And I have AIDS. Heard of it?”
“Oh, you think I’m afraid of a little mascot action? Been there, done that.” (proceeds to demonstrate his mascot dancing skills)

Image: Comedy Central

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