All Weather Wallet

Please check out the latest innovation in weatherproof gear just in time for April / Spring Showers: The All Weather Wallet by Coghlan.

Listed as a new product in their 2014 Camping Catalogue, this PVC wallet with zip lock closure helps the outdoorsman prepare for all types of weather. This wallet will for sure keep your money, permits, identification and any other valuables safe from water and all elements. Coghlan provides additional camping products such as the "DryCase Waterproof Backpack" which is 100% waterproof and has the perfect amount of compartments for your camping trip and features a cool valve as it can double for a cooler or to carry water in general. "Windproof/waterproof storm matches" keep you in the game in all kinds of extreme weather and can even burn while wet! They will not extinguish in the wind! Finally, Coghlan's "Trekking Umbrella" provides real protection from strong winds. It features a sturdy fiberglass frame and provides LED light for use in the dark.

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