Animal rights activists picket Liam Neeson's home

Animal rights activists picketed actor Liam Neeson’s home on Saturday to say that they don’t agree with his support of horse carriages in Central Park.

Fox News reports that approximately 50 protestors stood in front of his Upper West Side apartment building in NYC.
They held signs with such slogans like “Liam Neeson: Stop Supporting Cruelty!" and “Horse abuse is not romantic”.

The 61-year-old actor made headlines earlier this week when he wrote an op-ed in the New York Times, titled “Carriages belong in Central Park”, after Bill De Blasio stated during his run for mayor that he would like to end the horse-drawn carriage business in Central Park.

Neeson is a supporter of the carriage horses and recently toured the stables, where he says he saw no sign of mistreatment.

“I can appreciate a happy and well-cared-for horse when I see one,” he wrote. “Horses have been pulling from the beginning of time. It is what they have been bred to do.”

Protestors, including Mayor Bill de Blaso, believe the horse-drawn carriages are inhumane and dangerous, as they are being exposed to pollution and at the risk of collisions with vehicles.

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