Backstreet Boys' Nick Carter weds Lauren Kitt

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter has tied the knot with Lauren Kitt.

According to People, Carter, 34, became engaged to Kitt, a fitness expert and actress, in February 2013 during a trip to an island off the Florida Keys. After arriving, Carter, who famously said he would never marry, got on his knees and proposed to Kitt, who happily accepted.

"I got down on my knees and did that whole hoopla," he said. "She was like, 'Are you serious?' And started crying. Now we call it Engagement Island,” Carter told People.

Carter wearing a simple, black tux and Kitt in a luxurious mermaid gown, her hair styled in an elegant up-do, exchanged their vows in Santa Barbara, California on Saturday, however, one key person was not in attendance.

According to The Daily Mail, Nick’s younger brother, Aaron Carter, did not make the affair, but Aaron’s representative, Steve Honing claims there was scheduling conflict.

“Aaron changed planes several times to get into Santa Barbara,” Honing said, claiming Aaron worked very hard to get to California to at least attend the reception, but he didn’t make it.

Due to contractual obligations, Aaron had to appear in the Cherry Blossom parade in Washington, D.C and Honing states that Aaron never had any plans of attending the actual wedding. Honing also stressed that Aaron’s plans in D.C. were made before anyone knew the exact date of the wedding.

Despite Aaron not being in attendance, Nick Carter and Lauren Kitt appeared to be the picture of joy on their wedding day.

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