Celebrity tweets: Monday, April 14

Social media has an incredible power to connect people better than anything in the past has ever done; It connects people from different parts of the world, media and politicians with the public, celebrities with their fans, etc. Twitter is perhaps the best tool for making these connections, especially in terms of the latter example—connecting celebrities and fans.

Through Twitter, people can see their favorite celebrities posting pictures, complaining about the same issues they themselves have, sharing thoughts and celebs can share photos, videos, news about their upcoming works, and more with fans.

On Monday, April 14 some of the most popular celebrity tweets were selfie-sharing ones, promotional plugs of their shows or appearances, and shout-outs about movies or shows. And per usual, there were plenty of random-topic Tweets as well.

Without further ado, here are the top ten celeb tweets of April 14, from the random to the hot-topic ones:

Honorable mention:

Eddie Lack thanks fans of his hockey team, the Vancouver Canucks


Ellen Page used Twitter to engage in an interesting chat with Rob Delaney

Holly Madison asked fans for their opinion on the latest Dancing With The Stars episode

These celebs did some plugging for their own shows/ television appearances:

Cheryl Burke

Giuliana Rancic

Mike Tyson

These celebrities shared some selfies:

Victoria Justice

James Franco

Jonathan Casillas

These celebs praised movies—one foreign, the other mainstream:

Olivia Wilde

Aaron Carter

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