Colorado will soon open its first medical marijuana vending machine

People will soon be able to get weed in Colorado without having to wait in line.

FOX Denver reported that a vending machine that will dispense marijuana edibles will soon open in Avon, Colorado. Though it isn’t operating just yet, it is on display at a local barbecue spot.

The machine is called Zazz and is distributed by American Green. The company hopes to reduce marijuana theft by eliminated the physical sellers and let the machine do the handling.

The edibles will only be purchasable by people who currently hold a valid marijuana license and an ID. It is meant more for people with a need for marijuana to help relieve any stress from medical problems.

Though this is only the first machine, the company behind Zazz hopes to have a few machines operating throughout the state in the future.

In November of 2012, CNN Money reported that Washington and Colorado became the first states to legalize the use of recreational marijuana without the use of a medical card.

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