Counting Crows planning new album

A six-year gap between records for the Counting Crows is about to close, the band has been working on new music and is planning on releasing a new album.

Billboard reported that in a recent interview with frontman Adam Duritz explained that the band has been working on a new album and that eight or nine record labels are already interested in releasing the original music.

Duritz talked about how this musical process has changed for the band and that this music is one of a kind. "The songs are different from anything I've ever written before, I've got to say. They're a little more imaginative, a little more imagery-heavy. They're willing to be a little goofier and have a little more of a sense of humor, occasionally. It's really cool," explained Duritz.

Currently the album has nine tracks. Durtiz said that he wanted to make the album very digestible for fans.

Artist Direct reported that the band was also going out on a full North American tour this summer.

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