Straight from outer space and into my son's Easter Basket goes "Crashlings: Meteor Mutants From Outer Space. These cute new toys from Wicked Cool Toys are both adorable and fun for boys and girls ages 5 and up. These innovative, galactic characters bounce from planet to planet in search of new species, friends and sometimes enemies. The monsters and insects may try and conquer the skies and its up to the bravest crashlings to stop them!

So here is the deal: There are over 150 to collect and there are several series and species to choose from: DINO, INSECT, ALIEN, MONSTER AND SEA LIFE. THE Dinos are adventurous and ready for action. The Insects are small but packed with power. The Alien's full of odd ideas and speak a cool language. The Monsters are goofy but work hard to keep the planet safe. Finally, the Sea Life characters are mischievous and can cause quite a ruckus. Combined, they are the perfect recipe for a fun play time experience.

The catapult city playset comes complete with 3 meteors and 3 crashlings. Simply fill the control tower with meteors and launch them into action. The zip line adds to the mayhem! The "Meteor Missile Ship" blasts your meteors into outer space. The launch pad provides the perfect amount of destruction. Also available are crashlings in 10 packs (10 crashlings, 4 meteors including 1 popping meteor, 1 jumbo popper and a chart to track your collection), 4 packs (4 crashlings, 4 meteors including 2 poppers and the chart) and single crashlings (150 varieties) that can pop 4 feet high!

Crashlings are available for purchase at Toys R Us and They are very affordably priced making it easy to collect them all! For more information please visit and check them out on Facebook at

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