Drake Bell hates Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande

Drake Bell, former Nickelodeon star, has once again attacked members of Hollywood in a new interview where he slams Justin Bieber, Lady Gaga, and Ariana Grande.

Drake Bell, former star of Drake & Josh , has been vocal about his dislike for Justin Bieber for a long time, frequently posting negative comments towards the Biebs and his fans on his Twitter account. Bell stepped it up a notch in his new interview with Buzzfeed . According to Bell, "there's just a lot of really young, entitled people" in the music business, pointing to the way Justin Bieber was discovered on YouTube as proof that the young singer hasn't worked for his fame. Bell also has words for another Nickelodeon alum: "Ariana Grande is a billionaire before she’s been an artist. You have to work to be able to appreciate what you have, and what work did she ever have to do in her life?"

Drake Bell has the biggest issue with the rabid adoration fans give Bieber, Grande, and Lady Gaga. Many of the fans are young and present on Twitter, frequently fighting with each other and harassing members of different fandoms and anyone who speaks out against their favorite singer. "Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber don’t come out and say, ‘I love having you as my fans, but you shouldn’t be acting this way.’ They just eat it all up, and I think it’s repulsive," says Bell, noting that he is quick to correct his own fans when they post derogatory comments. Bell points to previous incident where Ariana Grande encouraged fans that were telling celebrity gossip blogger Perez Hilton that "he and his son needed to die and get cancer." The singer says he wants his own fanbase to "grow with him" and says that he and his fellow celebrities are role models.

Drake Bell filed for bankruptcy in 2014, as The Celebrity Cafe reported. He currently has several film and television projects in the works, including a new Fairly Odd Parents movie.

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