Drunk Virgin airline passenger causes hijacking scare

A drunk passenger on a Virgin Australia passenger jet caused a hijacking scare on Friday during a flight from Brisbane to Bali.

Officials say the plane was able to safely land in Bali after the passenger acted aggressively and attempted to get into the cockpit during flight, reports The Associated Press. After the plane landed, the Bali airport was shuttered for two hours.

The Virgin flight was ordered to move at the end of the runway just in case there were explosives on the plane. Troops were also ordered to surround the plane.

Air Force base commander Col. Sugiharto Prapto said, "We immediately took appropriate security measures involving troops because the initial information that we got was that the plane was hijacked."

According to BBC News, Virgin said that this situation wasn't a hijacking attempt, it was merely "miscommunication" between traffic control and the plane. Virgin Australia official Heru Sudatmiko said, "This is no hijacking, this is a miscommunication. There was a drunk passenger, intoxicated and aggressively behaved."

The 28-year-old man, identified as Matt Christopher, never made it into the cockpit and was subdued and handcuffed by the crew.

Authorities say that the Australian passenger has been arrested for creating a disturbance. Police are waiting for the man to sober up before trying to question him.

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