FDA approves new allergy medication

The Food and Drug Administration has recently approved a new allergy medication that will replace the need for routine allergy shots. The drug, Oralair, has been approved to treat hay fever and other common outdoor allergies.

According to Tech Times Karen Midthun, director of the FDA's Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research spoke about the new drug saying, “The approval of Oralair provides an alternative to allergy shots that must be given in a health care provider's office. Oralair can be taken at home after the first administration."

According to the < //www.mnn.com/health/allergies/stories/allergy-shot-or-allergy-pill-fda-approves-new-option> Mother Nature Network studies on Oralair showed that the pill reduced symptoms and reduced the need for allergy medication by 16 percent to 30 percent. This is critical as pollen season continues to lengthen.

As many people suffer from allergies the new pill offers a new way of combating those dreaded allergy symptoms without having to get painful shots. Oralair will be available in May and is for people ages 10-65.

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