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Green Bay Packers re-sign John Kuhn

The Green Bay Packers have re-signed one of their most popular players and fan-favorite, fullback John Kuhn.

According to ESPN the deal is for one year and is worth over $1 million with a base salary of $855,000 and the rest of the money in the contract is earned through bonuses.

Kuhn may not have had a great season running the ball in 2013 but he was a very integral part of the offense's blocking schemes for running back Eddie Lacy and quarterback Aaron Rodgers. According to ESPN, Kuhn only carried the ball 10 times for 38 yards and one touchdown but he showed what he can do as a blocker in important situations of the game.

Kuhn was also very important to the Packers when Rodgers got hurt and missed two months of the 2013 season. NFL.com reports that Kuhn relayed line calls during Rodgers' absence to recover from a broken collarbone.

Packers fans should be very happy with the deal and to still have the ability to yell "KUUUHN!" every time their favorite fullback touches the ball or makes a big play.

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