'Grey's Anatomy' Recap: 'You Be Illin''

This week on Grey’s we learn of Dr Arizona Robbins’ supernatural powers, Dr. Jo Wilson’s super strength, and Dr. McDreamy’s one (and only) weakness.

Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital has been overrun by none other than the flu. I must admit the previews leading up to this week’s episode were quite dramatic. It seemed as though the plague was rolling through Seattle, when all it turned out to be was a nasty stomach bug.

Nonetheless, 1/3 of the interns are out of work because of it, and Leah Murphy is hanging on by a thread. Doctors don’t sleep, and they certainly don’t get sick. “Patients are sick. That’s why there are doctors,” according to Dr. Webber. It is the unspoken rule that Murphy must abide by. Therefore, she has to push through the nausea.

Dr. April Kepner (now April Avery) and Dr. Jo Wilson are both faced with some unique patients. Kepner is faced with a severely immune deficient patient, who just happens to come in during a nasty stomach flu. Within no time at all, the poor kid reacts to the infectious virus that is spewing around the hospital. He has an abnormal bump on his forehead and it is growing by the minute, forcing them to put him in isolation. Even his own parents have to completely cover themselves, in order to prevent the spread of even more infection to their little boy.

On the other hand, Jo Wilson is dealt with a stubborn patient, who has allowed his cut and infection to get wildly out of control to the point of tetanus. His muscle spasms have caused a permanent smile on his face, fooling Wilson into thinking he was actually happy. She soon realizes he is quite the opposite and has hatred for the corporate heads of pharmacies. He refuses to receive treatment and doesn’t put anything in his body unless it is organically grown. His ignorance can cause his death, but he doesn’t seem to care one bit. Their arguing leads to more muscle spasms throughout his body, and when Wilson tries to restrain him his arm breaks brutally.

Wilson is known to have her angry side, and she doesn’t doubt that the break could have been her fault. But, when she teams up with Dr. Callie Torres she realizes he essentially broke his own arm, and it is now her responsibility to put it back together. Ironically, that requires them to break his arm again, and Callie is placing the task in Wilson’s hands. After the surgery, Callie is pleasantly surprised by how forceful and great Wilson did. She even sees a future for Jo in ortho, which would be great for Torres since interns don’t typically choose ortho, and the percentage of women in the field is only about 4%. Jo has the “ortho-glow!”

Dr. Alex Karev seems to always be between a rock and a hard place. He is not one to smile often, and now he has to start paying back his loans once his fellowship is finished. Karev has to figure out what his next move will be, especially since he sees Jo Wilson being his wife one day. He is introduced to a pediatric doctor, who runs his own private practice, and quickly realizes all the perks that follow. He is even offered a position at the private practice, and with the incredible income it is almost too hard to refuse.

Meanwhile, Derek Shepherd is working hard preparing for his big speech to fancy, old, international, neuro-geniuses. He is finally going to introduce his project and the research they have found. Unfortunately, the untouchable Derek is touched with the stomach flu. As much as he fights it, there is no way he is going to make it through his speech. Luckily, he has a superhuman wife that delivers a rock star speech in his place, while he is passed out in a hospital bed. Where would anyone be without Meredith, really? She’s incredible.

Next week, we will see what happens to the boy with the immunodeficiency and hopefully find out why there are three siblings in the hospital all with cardiomyopathy.

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