'Growing Up Fisher' Recap: 'The Man With the Spider Tattoo'

On this week’s episode of Growing Up Fisher, Katie threw a party, Henry and Runyen get into a maternal argument and Mel tries to find a plus one to a work party.

The beginning of the episode, adult Henry said that he always admired his blind father's sense of direction.

However, when Mel went over to invite his neighbor to a work party but the man was naked because he was hooking up with his ex.

So, due to the cancellation, Mel needed a new plus one.

With Joyce, Henry and Runyen are playing basketball. Joyce is on a new diet and is starving. Runyen's mother pulls up in a van to take Runyen home.

Runyen says that report cards came out and his mother was angry because of his grades. Henry got a B.

At the dog park, Mel meets Pete. They get along well and the man who works at the coffee cart gives them free coffee. Pete seems nice enough except he has a face tattoo. Of a spider.

Runyen tells Henry that his mother doesn't want them to hang out anymore. Henry asks why and Runyen says that his mother feels that he is a bad influence.

Meanwhile, Katie is planning a party to impress Hunter. She is going to have it at her dad's when he is at the dinner party. So, she needs him to get a plus one.

When Joyce, Katie and Henry come over, they realize that Pete has a face tattoo. Katie says she will tell Mel but doesn't until the guilt builds up.

Katie helps Mel "break up" with Pete. Pete says that it is because of the tattoo but Mel disagrees and Katie interrupts them. Mel decides to take Don, the guy from the coffee cart.

Joyce, angry that Runyen's mother considers her a bad influence, goes to the donut shop to confront her.

The women get into a fight about how Joyce is a good parent. This leads to Runyen and Henry getting in a fight about who has the best mom. (I'm total Team Joyce.)

At the dinner, Don acts like a total jerk. He says that he thought that the benefit dinner was for Mel because he was blind. Mel leaves and goes home.

Katie's party is going well but her crush stinks. He's only worried about his magic tricks. But, the party is cut short when her dad arrives home. While she tries to hide the people, he knows that they are there.

Runyen, his mother, Joyce and Henry all make up. But, Joyce tries to be the one that is the most sorry.

Mel goes to Pete and apologizes and they decide to be friends again.

What did you think of this episode of Growing Up Fisher?

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