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Gunmen shoot Pakistani talk-show host Hamid Mir

Gunmen shot a Pakistani political television host on Saturday close to the airport in Karachi.

Hamid Mir's car was ambushed by gunmen on motorcycles according to officials, according to The Associated Press. He was shot in the upper legs and stomach, but will likely survive.

One gunman fired upon the car first and the rest then followed and started shooting, wounding Mir three times, senior police officer Pir Mohammad Shah said.

Journalists in the country often face plenty of threats from militants, with Mir even finding a bomb under his car. Though the blame would be assumed on Islamic militants, The Wall Street Journal reports friends and family claim that the famous television host told them if he was ever attacked, it would be from Pakistan's Inter-Services Intelligence military spy agency.

The agency has been previously accused of threats towards journalists, but has not yet issued a response to the latest allegations.

The host's brother, Amir Mir, said, "He was attacked for his views on Baluchistan, former President Pervez Musharraf and the ISI's overreaching role in Pakistan."

Mir's attack comes just a little less than a month after news anchor Raza Rumi and his driver were attacked. He survived, but the driver did not. Police in the city of Lahore accused Lashkar-e-Jhangvi militants for that attack.

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