International Space Station gets special Easter delivery

It's a happy Easter for the astronauts on board the International Space Station, who received a gift from a U.S. capsule named Dragon on Sunday.

The Dragon capsule was made by the SpaceX company and spent two full days chasing the ISS after it was launched in Florida, reports The Associated Press . The astronauts on board the traveling space station used a robotic arm to grab the capsule.

While children on Earth open eggs from the Easter Bunny, the astronauts will enjoy the nearly 2 tons of gifts inside the capsule. They received food, spacewalking gear and tons of science experiments. Among the experiments are mating fruit flies, a vegetable hothouse, HD video cameras, lasers, and legs for the on-board robot. Astronauts also got a little piece of home as NASA made sure to include family care packages in the capsule.

"Great work catching the Dragon," said NASA's Mission Control to those on the ISS "Thanks for getting her on board." NDTV reports that the Dragon capsule was meant to be launched in March, but was delayed due to technical problems.

The empty capsule will be left attached to the ISS, ready to be filled with science samples. When the ship returns in mid-May, astronauts will use the capsule as a storage station.

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