Keith Urban talks about upcoming tour and 'American Idol'

Keith Urban is currently in the middle of his second season judging American Idol and is already planning another tour in the United States to support his latest album Light The Fuse.

In a recent interview with Billboard magazine, Urban explained that he is still proud to be a part of Idol and is noticing the diversity on the show this season. Urban also explained that he is proud to see country music represented in the talent competition.

"I like the diversity that we've got. I also think that Idol has always played very, very well in those places, the Midwest and the sort of rural states that have huge country audiences, so I am really grateful to be on the panel because of that, and hopefully we can discover some exceptional country talent this year too," said Urban.

The "Cop Car" singer also explained that at this point in the competition is not clear who will win it all. "I don't have a personal front-runner because we've already seen, for me, the surprise of who ends up in the bottom three next week, and it's not really been consistent," said Urban.

Along with working on Idol the country music superstar is also getting ready to headline his "All For The Hall" benefit concert for the Country Music Hall of Fame, this will be taking place on May 6th in Nashville. "All For The Hall" will feature some big names in country music including Carrie Underwood, Reba McEntire, and Ronnie Milsap, Taste of Country added.

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