Man steals dog and television during his first date

A New Jersey woman’s first date went terribly wrong after she invited her date into her home only for him to steal both her dog and her television.

According to Metro, on Thursday, April 17, the woman met the man, identified only as ‘Joel’, on a dating website. After a night out, she invited the man back to her home, but quickly became distracted by something in another room.

Assuming all would be well, the woman left the room, but when she returned, Joel, her $4,000 Yorkshire Terrier, and her $3,000 television were all missing.

According to The New York Daily News, the woman immediately called authorities to report the crime.

In the early hours of Saturday morning, however, the woman called authorities to tell them that her dog and television were out in her front yard.

Police have stated that charges may be filed against Joel depending on his level of cooperation.

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