Mississippi Supreme Court grants death-row inmate Michelle Byrom second trial

The Mississippi Supreme Court has granted Michelle Byrom a new trial, possibly saving her from the death penalty.

The death-row inmate was convicted of murder back in 2000 for the death of her husband. It was assumed that Byrom was the mastermind behind her husband’s murder and hired someone to commit it for her.

According to CNN, the basis for Byrom’s new case is the new evidence she has that would prove her son actually committed the murder. There are reportedly several letters in which Byrom’s son confesses to the murder as well as an interview that took place with a court-appointed psychologist.

Time says that Byrom’s son, Edward Byrom Jr., had testified against his mother in court in order to receive a lighter sentence after speaking to the psychologist. He was released from jail last year. It is a theory that Byrom confessed to the crime to protect her son.

Byrom’s attorney has stated that they are very pleased with the opportunity for a new trial so that the truth can come out.

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