Mother faces charges after pet raccoon attacks infant

A mother in Texas could possibly faces criminal charges after her newborn was attacked by the family’s pet raccoon.

According to KBMT, authorities said that when they arrived to the home on April 12, the infant was bleeding profusely and had deep cuts across his left eye and the top of his head.

An investigation concluded that the family had two pet raccoons and one of them was found by the mother’s boyfriend attacking the child when he was left in the home alone with them.

The two-week-old was airlifted to a hospital and released after a couple days.

The child’s mother, Brittany Darby, said that the female raccoon was in heat when it attacked the baby. The 19-year-old could be charged with abandoning or endangering a child.

Both animals were euthanized as a safety precaution.

The Daily Mail noted that the family became pugnacious when reporters questioned them about the incident.
"Go talk to the game warden. Ask him why dogs are running around, but domesticated animals no more harmful than a baby itself was killed," said one family member.

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