New York Jets quarterback Michael Vick changes his number, drops No. 7

For his entire career, NFL quarterback Michael Vick has worn No. 7, but now that he’s joining his third team, he has decided to make a change. He will be wearing No. 8 with the New York Jets.

Vick, who officially signed with the Jets in March after the Philadelphia Eagles decided not to re-sign him, asked “Jets Nation” on Twitter last week if he should go with No. 3 or No. 8 for his jersey.

Apparently, he decided to go with No. 8, although the Jets haven’t officially announced it. According to the Washington Post, Vick did post a photoshopped image of himself in a No. 8 Jets jersey on Instagram, but it was later deleted. The image does still exist on ESPN’s NFL Twitter page.

Even though hundreds of fans did respond to Vick’s tweet, he might have had his mind made up already. TMZ reports that it is a tribute to legendary quarterback Steve Young.

Geno Smith, the Jets’ other QB, also wears No. 7. It’s not clear if head coach Rex Ryan will pick Smith or Vick as his starter, but offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg said that the team will begin practicing as if Smith is the No. 1 QB.

“We’re going to structure it in a certain way,” Mornhinweg told reporters, notes The New York Post. “One thing I want to make sure of is nothing impedes the young quarterback’s progression. I’m talking about Geno. He progressed beautifully. … I’m talking the last quarter of the season.”

image via Twitter from NFL on ESPN

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