Oklahoma plans double execution after court rules against prisoners

Oklahoma is now planning on a double execution after the state's high court ruled against the two prisoners and lifted their stay of execution.

As previously reported, Clayton Lockett and Charles Warner were originally scheduled to be executed a week apart, with the former set to die on Tuesday, but the state's Supreme Court stayed the execution after the two filed a civil suit to know where the state obtained the lethal drugs.

Their lawyers argued that Oklahoma secretly obtained the drugs, but refused to reveal from where they came. This has been a controversial issue since the European company who makes pentobarbital has stopped selling to U.S. prisons.

The state's high court then ruled on Wednesday that the two condemned murderers didn't have a right to know where Oklahoma managed to get a hold of the drugs, reports The Associated Press. Gov. Mary Fallin, who previously criticized the court of overstepping its bounds, was happy with the ruling. "This ruling shows that our legal system works."

Lockett was found guilty of kidnapping, raping and then murdering a 19-year-old woman 15 years ago, while in 1997 Warner was convicted of murdering an 11-month-old girl. Oklahoma now plans to execute the two on the same day, but hasn't set a date yet.

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