'Parks and Recreation' Recap: 'Flu Season 2'

On this week's episode of Parks and Recreation, Leslie and Andy tried to find a headliner while the rest of the parks department went to a winery.

The episode begins with the department being hit with the flu and many people are starting to get sick. Jerry/Larry has the flu and has to sit, alone, in a HAZMAT tent to work. When Andy starts to sneeze, Leslie tells him to go home until he feels better.

However, Andy tells Leslie that he got Chip McCap to perform at the music festival. Chip is responsible for the song "Beautiful Like My Mom (Support the Troops)." (Listen to the song below.)

Jerry tells Leslie that Chip's manager called and said that he couldn't make it to the festival. Leslie, although sick to her stomach, says that she is going to get Chip back. And, as she tells Andy what to do, she throws up.

Meanwhile, Tom invites Donna and April to a wine tasting festival. But Craig, Ben and Ron go as well to help Tom pick out wines for the new bistro he is opening. Tom doesn't want them to go but allows them anyway.

While there, Ben opens up to Ron about his family problems. His parents sold his childhood cabin without asking him. Ron suggests he start drinking heavily. When someone approaches them with blueberry wine, Ron originally objects it but when realizing the alcohol content, he buys four bottles and the two begin to drink.

Even though she feels nauseous, Leslie continues to work. She thinks she has the flu. So, she goes to the pharmacy to get medication. The pharmacist tells her that her symptoms do not match the flu. Leslie says that there is nothing else it could be, but her eyes drift to the pregnancy tests.

Funniest part of the episode is when Leslie tells Andy that he can have two pieces of candy and he runs around like a child.

Leslie calls Ben to tell her about her concern, but he is already drunk from the wine and drops his phone in the mud. He can tell that something is bothering Leslie, so he tells Ron that he doesn't want to wait for Tom and wants to walk home. Ron offers to join him because he is afraid he will die alone and they begin a drunken walk back.

At the wine tasting, Tom wants Xander to work at his bistro. So, he spends the entire time following him around. April trolls all of the wine owners and Craig dramatically shows that he knows about wine.

I do not like Craig. He is annoying in all of the wrong ways. I understand that the yelling and overdramatic thing is supposed to be funny but I never, ever laugh. I don’t like him at all.

Leslie and Andy meet with Chip and tell him that they are big fans. They ask him about the unity concert in Pawnee and ask if he could do it still. Chip tells them that he already had a previous engagement, a haircut.

Leslie and Andy realize that Chip is a terrible person and treats everyone with disrespect. They tell Chip that they don't want him to play at the concert anymore. Leslie says that she shook hands with him with pee on her hands. Yuck.

Leslie and Andy go to a diner to eat. Andy says that her life is changing and that is ok. Leslie thinks that Andy knows she expecting. But Andy thought Leslie and Ben were getting a dog.

They realize that they still haven't found the new headliner. They go to a band member's house to convince him to play in the concert. The band's lead singer's son recognizes Andy from when he sang at the birthday party as Johnny Karate. The singer agrees to perform at the Unity Concert.

Ben and Ron are stuck in the woods when they run into the other Ron. The other Ron helps Ben through his troubles. However, after the other Ron drops him off, he realizes that his problems aren't fixed. Ron tells him that the best thing is going home to kids.

At the winery, Tom doesn't get Xander to join his bistro. Craig finally speaks up and says that he wants to work there. Tom agrees after a tryout but they all agree that the wine room needs to be sound proof.

Ben walks in and tells Leslie that the reason that the cabin thing bothered him so much is that he remembered that he wanted to take his kids there. He says he wanted a family. Leslie says that she has good news and the episode ends.

What did you think of this week's Parks?

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