Promis releases 'Indiscretions'

Singer-songwriter, Promis has released a new album, Indiscretions and this latest record has fans already wanting more. This is the seventh release from Promis and it continues exploring his old world, yet modern musical sound that is very unique in the ever growing auto-tune and pop music industry.

Promis has many musical roots and vibes that can be heard throughout his latest release but is clear that a strong influence is the city of L.A., which he current resides in. Promis has fully emerged himself in the L.A. music scene, even hosting one of L.A.’s most popular weekly piano bar/open mics at Silver Lake’s famed Akbar. Many famous musicians have often commented on the influence that the city provides especially for dedicated singer-songwriters like Promis.

L.A. music is often on the edge of new ideas, modern beats and gritty guitar rifts. On Indiscretions it feels as though Promis was willing to push his musical sound in a new direction which include some strong rock vibes along with older country music influences heard on songs like "Indiscreet!" and "Hustler's Lament."

Overall, this album feels like a complete work instead of just singles produced to do well on the music charts. It has a musical vision and takes fans on a journey from start to finish. The sound might not be for everyone because of its willingness to stay outside of the box but if fans give the album a chance, it will most likely open their musical horizons.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "50 Bucks from Me," "Capri," and "Friends that Last Forever."

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