'Resurrection' Recap: 'Home'

The previous episode of Resurrection left us with a pregnant, dazed, Rachel and a vanished Caleb Richards.

This time, Maggie is taking action of her own. Against Agent Bellamy’s will, she calls an old professor of hers who works for the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Maggie has ditched the ponytail and lab coat for a flirtier look with tousled waves and a black blazer. Her colleague, Eric Warden, which she has brought on board, is eager to get started on their investigation and eager to be alongside Maggie again. Agent Bellamy sees his wit and relationship with Maggie and his guard immediately goes up. He must be a little bitter at this time about never getting his “date” with Maggie.

They quickly call a meeting and go over what they know. Eric presents his research based upon a trend he found, and it is a rather convincing theory. He discovered that if you take the latitude of where Arcadia is located, which is 40, and subtract that by the latitude of where each person was found, you get a number that can be divided by the number of years he/she has been dead. In each instance, you get 0.38.

This may not seem like much now, but it could mean something more as the story unravels. With this theory, they could be able to predict where people will appear and be able to find them.

Eric Warden offers the Langston’s an opportunity to send Jacob with him to do some more research. Agent Bellamy thinks of it as using Jacob like a lab rat, but Eric insists it is nothing of the sort. Despite Eric’s guarantee of Jacob’s safety, Henry and Lucille respectively decline.

Meanwhile, Tom Hale has been sucked into an odd love triangle. He learns that Rachel is pregnant with his child, which occurred before she committed suicide. How healthy is she to carry a child for 9 months? I can’t imagine her body would be very hospitable, considering she died. But, in any case, Tom has no choice but to tell his wife, which also means he has to admit that Rachel never left town.

Clearly his wife is not pleased to here the news. She breaks into tears questioning why God would allow someone to get pregnant that has taken her own life while denying herself of a baby for the last three years. His wife makes the terrible mistake of confiding in Tom’s colleague, Helen, who has been slowly pushing Tom out of the church for weeks now.

On Sunday morning, the church is filled with more Arcadians than usual, and the people open in debate. The majority of the townspeople are angry. They don’t see these people as gifts from God, but instead terrorists from Hell. Caleb’s horrific actions have given all the resurrected people a bad reputation, and there are only a rare few that trust in Jacob and Rachel.

Helen then exposes his secret during the service, in front of his wife, Rachel, and Jacob. His community is absolutely disgusted by Rachel’s pregnancy. They abandon Tom, most likely leaving him without a job, and this cascades into even further turmoil.

When Tom’s wife asks if he still loves Rachel, he says nothing. This hints that their marriage could be done for good. It is at this very moment that Rachel is kidnapped from her hotel room. Fred’s co-worker deceitfully convinces Rachel to go to the “Sheriffs Department” with him, saying that Fred wants to speak with her. Instead, he picks up a vengeful townsperson, and they escort Rachel to an isolated shed.

Next week’s sneak preview shows someone being carried out of the shed in a body bag! Who is going to make it out alive?

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