Robert Miranda releases debut album 'Exposed'

For some individuals, music will forever be an influence in their lives. They can go about a different career path but in the end music will also be what they turn back to. For Robert Miranda, that is what happened at the age of 52.

After encouragement from his friends, family and wife, Miranda went to work on his first album Exposed. Musically, this is an impressive debut and it shows that Miranda has always surrounded himself with music. Those influences can be heard in every note and chord that helps to make up the classic and at times country influenced sound that is heard on Exposed.

Lyrically, Miranda has a very similar tone to that of classic rock artists and even at times listeners could hear a hint of Billy Joel on the record but his vocals do compliment the instrumentals well and help to frame a different sound that is not being heard on either the rock or country charts today.

Stand out tracks on the album include, "Tell Me Now," "Morning Light," "Play for You" and "Logan Park."

What is the most impressive and memorable feeling that this album leaves fans with is that after all these years away from music, Miranda never gave up. That passion can be heard on every track and his love for music shines through when he playing more complex instrumentals along with showing off his vocal range.

In the end, music can be taken away from the musician but it will never truly leave.

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