Ryan Aderrey releases ‘What If’

Ryan Aderrey first discovered that he had a passion for music when he realized his ability to flow words together in a rhythmic style. For this up and coming musician, it was about learning how to write a song first and embracing his musical and superstar potential after.

Aderrey has now released his first album, What If, which not only showcases his songwriter abilities but his natural musical talent.

What If has a unique feel when fans are listening through for the first time. This record combines many modern elements along with instrumental pairings that help to really frame the lyrics of the songs that have been carefully and thoughtfully created.

Parts of this record do stand out, the beats and instrumentals feel fresh yet no overdone but it is the lyrical crafting that really stands out on the record. It is clear that Aderrey has a lot of songwriting talent but at times his vocals fall short. When his vocal range is paired with such loud and complex instruments it is easy for the vocals to get lost in the sound.

Overall, this album feels like a mixture between pop music and the EDM hits that are topping the charts today.

In time, Aderrey will likely find a balance between his songwriting talent and vocal ability but for now, this record is a strong debut from the up and coming musician.

Stand out tracks on the album include; "I Set You Free," "We Are One" and "Without Hope."

Aderrey is already looking towards his next project and is currently working with 4-time Grammy Award winning Engineer/Producer Jimmy Douglass.

Listen to Aderrey here:

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