Scarlett Rabe releases new EP entitled 'Scarlett'

Upcoming singer and songwriter, Scarlett Rabe has recently released a seven song EP entitled Scarlett. It is not usual to hear an up and coming singer who is as talented as stars that are currently in the top 20. I immediately compared Rabe to Adele and Lorde – there’s a certain realness and darkness that makes you want to continue to listen to every lyric of each song.
She includes songs featuring every day topics that women could relate to such as the empowering song, “Live Before I Die.” Lyrics such as, “I wanna soar, I wanna fly, I wanna live before I die,” focuses on the importance of branching out and not being afraid to actually “live.”
My personal favorite from this EP is “Battle Cry.” This song tells us to not be afraid of who we are and to most definitely not apologize. The chorus was musically the most exciting aspect of the song, where she says, “I am not the same as the rest.”
Rabe also touches on love in “Free Fall,” saying “Love is like a free fall and the view is beautiful.”
Rabe has always been performing, starting with learning how to play the piano at a very young age and practicing every day. She has since wrote numerous songs and performed around California.
Be sure to listen to “Free Fall,” “Top Down, Baby,” and “Battle Cry.”

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