Seahawks' Ricardo Lockette called 911 twice, woman in Kaepernick incident wouldn't leave

Miami Police have confirmed that Seattle Seahawks' Ricardo Lockette attempted to get the woman to leave the apartment and when she refused, ended up calling 911 twice.

According to CSN Bay Area, the woman who woke up in the hospital after spending time with Lockette, Colin Kaepernick and Quinton Patton named all three as part of a "suspicious incident" as she couldn't recall how she got to the hospital.

Kaepernick has denied he ever did anything wrong and said the TMZ report was wrong, while the unnamed woman has never actually accused anyone of anything.
Now it appears she may have been asked to leave Lockette's apartment several times. Miami's WINZ-AM Andy Slater got hold of the incident report where Lockette called 911 saying that the woman wouldn't leave despite being asked.

Police explained that after the calls, the Miami Fire Rescue were sent to the Miami Viceroy, where the apartment is. The incident report explained that she was naked in Kaepernick's bed and wouldn't leave.

It was previously reported that the woman claimed she had been partying with the three football players when she was told she had to take a hit off a bong. She claimed she didn't feel well and went to lie down and Kaepernick undressed her and kissed her.

The San Francisco 49ers quarterback was then said to have left the apartment and didn't return.

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