Six-year-old Daniel Schlemmer dies four days after his brother

Six year old Daniel Schlemmer from Pennsylvania, who was pronounced brain dead after his mother submerged him and his 3 year old brother, Luke, in a bathtub to try and drown them after “crazy voices” told her to do so, died Saturday, four days after his youngest brother.

Laurel Michelle Schlemmer is being held at the Allegheny County Jail without bail for charges that include criminal homicide, but will likely be pushed up since the death of her son Daniel, according to Star Tribune.

After telling authorities that crazy voices in her head told her to kill her two youngest sons, and then added that she felt that she could be a better mother to her eldest son if her youngest sons were dead and in heaven, according to the Guardian.

Schlemmer’s pastor came forward and share another time in which the 42 year endangered her children. The mother of three apparently backed their van into the two boys, claiming that it was an accident.

The boy’s father was at work at the time.

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