Skydiver dies attempting world record

A woman died Thursday morning in a skydiving accident that involved a group of people attempting to break a world record. The jump took place in Arizona when the woman’s parachute malfunctioned causing her untimely death.

When the woman released her parachute and it did not open, it was too late to release the back-up parachute. This is not the first time someone attempting a dive with Skydive Arizona in Eloy has died. According to the Daily Mail two skydivers dived in November as they attempted to set a jump record. Their parachutes collapsed and caused them to fall to their deaths.

The jump consisted of 222 jumpers from 12 different countries. Their goal was to complete two formations in the air while free-falling from 18,000 feet. After the two formations were complete the group would then engage their parachutes. According to Sky News the team has already set a record when they completed a free-fall formation in 2006 with 400 people.

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