My family is, unfortunately, big on soda. We buy bottles and boxes of cans every week, and if there's a party planned all that soda takes over the fridge and shelves. We cut down on buying soda and made huge savings on space (and money!) by switching to SodaStream.

SodaStream soda maker is super easy to use - and fun! In just 30 seconds we're able to turn regular tap water into fizzy carbonated water. Add in our favorite flavors and - voila! - homemade soda.

After we're done making soft drinks, the SodaStream is easy to clean and put away. We no longer have to find storage space for the big plastic bottles or shelf space for cans, and there's hardly anything to throw away afterwards.

There are flavors the whole family can enjoy including: cola, diet cola, Hawaiian Punch, Sparkling Naturals, and Ocean Spray. You can also get Cocktail mixes, sparkling teas, and energy drinks.

SodaStream makes a great gift for Mother's Day. A kit comes with everything you need to make soft drinks at home: soda maker, flavors, bottles and carbonators.

In time for Mother's Day SodaStream teamed up with designer Yves Behar to create SodaStream Source, an ultra sleek design with an even easier interface. Upgrades include touch-response features and the machine's visual feedback to enhance and simplify the soda making experience.

Visit for more and to buy your very own SodaStream.

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