Southern California airports suffer computer problems, delays flights

The Federal Aviation Administration ordered a "ground stop" due to a computer outage that affected Los Angeles International Airport and other Southern California airports, causing departure delays.

According to the Los Angeles Times, the John Wayne Airport and Bob Hope Airport also had computer issues causing the FAA not to allow any departures. Some incoming flights were still allowed to land, while other flights were required to land at other nearby airports.

CBS News reports departing flights at Las Vegas, Phoenix and Salt Lake City airports were also held up due to the computer issues.

LAX airport spokeswoman Nancy Castles said she wasn't sure what caused the issues, but that it resulted in the FAA ordering a "ground stop" at the airport for the time being, which began around 2 p.m. local time.

Flights were allowed to actually begin departing about an hour later, reports NBC LA. FAA officials said, "Some flights were diverted and the agency issued a nationwide groundstop for flights heading into the airspace managed by the center. The agency is gradually restoring the system."

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