Texas captors have possible Chupacabra euthanized

A Texas family that claimed to have captured the legendary Chupacabra has made the decision to have they creature put down.

According to TMZ, Jackie Stock the woman’s whose husband captured the animal on Sunday, said she was advised to put the animal down because it was suffering.

The New York Daily News noted that Stock said her family received letters from PETA stating that they were upset that the creature, whatever it was, was being held in captivity. PETA denied contacting the family, but did leave messages with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to do a welfare check on the animal that was being kept in a cage in the Stock’s backyard.

Legends about the Chupacabra have been around for decades and sightings are reported periodically by citizens that claim to have encountered the creature. However, there has never been any concrete evidence that the hairless, ferocious, blood-sucking creature exists and most of the sightings turn out to be raccoons or canines with mange.

Stock previously said her family was seeking confirmation from experts on the creature’s identity, but the animal was euthanized before they were able to find out.

The Stock’s still believe the animal was a Chupacabra. Stephanie Bell with PETA believed that it was a raccoon with mange and biologist Brent Ortega believed it was a small canine suffering from the skin disease.

Guess we’ll never know now.

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