Top 10 AC/DC songs

On the cusp on celebrating 40 years in the music business with a new album and new world tour, AC/DC may have to call it quits. On the roller-coaster of the trending news over the last 24 hours, it was revealed founding member, and one of the most influential rhythm guitar players of all time, Malcolm Young had a stroke and has not been able to play to the quality and continuity he did before. At this point the guitar slinger has stated he will be taking a leave of absence from the band to work on his recovery. Brian Johnson has stated at this point the rest of the band will forge on with recording set to begin in May. Malcolm, along with his brother Angus, are the only constant members through the band’s history.

In celebration, sadness or nostalgia, we look at the Top 10 AC/DC songs. Now, this is quite a task, and will have several debates and moments of but-what-about-such-and-such, and Brian vs Scott, etc., etc. The 1980 debut of singer Brian Johnson Back In Black could honestly fill up the Top 10 with ease, as could many of their other 16 studio recordings. Horns up, let’s jump on the Top 10 “Highway to Hell”!

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