Top 10 Avril Lavigne music videos

On April 22, 2014, Tuesday, Avril Lavigne’s “Hello Kitty” music video debuted. Her video is not doing as well as she would like. Some of it comes from the theme of her video. The 3:19 minute video is full of Asian stereotypes. You get the extreme pops of color, identical Asian extras, sushi, and innocent settings with undertones. She is not the first Artist to do this. Gwen Stefani was scrutinized for her Asian posse Love, Angel, Music, and Baby. These four are the theme of her clothing line L.A.M.B. as well. This didn’t hurt her career, but that doesn’t mean it will not impact Lavigne’s.
The music industry is a tough business. Artist and Producers have to decide which songs are going to become videos. For people that prefer visuals, producers have to be careful. Music Videos are expensive to film and release. Since people can buy videos from ITunes now, music videos generate profits from song and video sales. Plus, they can appear in various music video channels and countdowns. In spite of the controversy, Lavigne is a successful artist that has released many hits over the years. Don’t believe me? Take a look for yourself.
If you haven’t had a chance to listen or see her new video, you can watch it here!

What do you think? Should she be worried?
[New Page=10. What The Hell]
10. What The Hell
Sometimes good people want to be bad. People that have been burned can relate to this song. It does not mean they will act on these feelings, but they know exactly what she is talking about.

[New Page=9. Wish You Were Here]
9. Wish You Were Here
Ever taken someone for granted? This song will hit you. It talks about those pesky memories that linger after a break up.

[New Page=8. My Happy Ending]
8. My Happy Ending
The title is ironic, because she is referring to the end of a relationship. Sometimes things end that you thought would last.

[New Page=7. Sk8er Boi]
7. Sk8er Boi
When you judge a book by its’ cover, you can miss out on a great story. This song highlights this concept. Sometimes, people want nothing to do with others. Once they are famous, they try to get back in their lives. Though the video doesn’t really showcase that point, it is still a good song.

[New Page=6. Nobody’s Home]
6.Nobodys Home
This video showcases isolation, displacement, and depression. The images can be taken literally or figuratively. This is not someone’s proudest moment, but it happens.

[New Page=5. Girlfriend]
5. Girlfriend
This fun song appeals to girls because some of them are secretly thinking this. Plus, she played the prep and the punk chick. Wonder where Taylor Swift got that idea from…

[New Page=4. Here’s To Never Growing Up]
4. Here’s To Never Growing Up
Honestly, I picture this song playing at a 90s kids high school reunion. The prom theme still works, because it’s the last nostalgic moment before graduation.

[New Page=3. I’m With You]
3. I’m With You
It is another somber hit for Lavigne. People are full of mixed emotions. Those emotions can be difficult to sort through. Sometimes, you need to listen to songs like this to deal with them.

[New Page=2. When Your Gone]
2. When Your Gone
When you love someone, no matter how long they are gone it is a sad time. Deployments are still happening .There is families that miss their soldiers, marines, sailors, and airmen.

[New Page= 1. Complicated]
1. Complicated
Regardless of how Avril Lavigne feels about this song, it had to get the number one spot. When it was released, this song was blaring from teens CD players. Now, it is most likely a song tucked away in a lot of peoples IPods and MP3 players.

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