Top 10 Best David Letterman 'Late Show' guests

Late Show host David Letterman announced his retirement from talk show television tonight, as reported . David Letterman, originally a weatherman from Indianapolis, has been a frequent face on late night television show since he was just 27, meaning that he’s been on the air in one show or another for three decades. He headlined his own show beginning in 1980 with The David Letterman Show , which turned into Late Night with David Letterman, which morphed into the current Late Show with David Letterman . Dedicated fans will miss Letterman’s banter with his guests, his quick and witty jokes, and the easy way he asks the tough questions. Luckily, tons of Letterman’s best moments with his favorite guests are forever saved on YouTube. Here, we’ve assembled a list of Letterman’s top ten guests, from politicians to comedians to actors as a tribute to Letterman’s amazing career. There is no doubt that Letterman will go down in entertainment history as one of the most genuine and sincere talk show hosts American TV has ever seen.

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10. President Barack Obama

Letterman doesn’t show any signs of nervousness interviewing the leader of the free world, and the two of them exchange banter like they’ve done it a hundred times. In this clip, Letterman seems completely thrilled to have President Obama on the show.

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9. Richard Simmons

Fitness guru and professional eccentric Richard Simmons visited the Late Show set numerous times over the years. The two entertainers have great chemistry as they exchange barbs back and forth, each pretending to hate the other. In this clip, Simmons brings a professional food steamer on the show to do a demo and it gets a little steamier than he bargained for.

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8. Robin Williams

Is there anyone who doesn’t love Robin Williams? His energy is through the roof, and infects Letterman and the audience as they crack up. Williams is completely unpredictable and catches Letterman off guard plenty of times.

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7. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp and Letterman discuss parenthood in this Late Show clip, with Letterman calling Depp “Johnny” and teasing him at every turn. Depp has appeared on Letterman’s show numerous times, and the comfort between the two of them is clear.

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6. Robert DeNiro and Dustin Hoffman

DeNiro and Hoffman act like an old married couple during their interview with Letterman on Late Show , and the three of them play off of each other like they've been doing it for years. Letterman is quick to laugh at the dynamic, and the studio audience loves it.

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5. Betty White

An 85-year old Betty White joins Letterman in this clip, and the two of them hit it off amazingly. Letterman shares modeling pictures of a young White and they discuss her hobbies, which include playing with animals and drinking vodka. Letterman, in true spirit, whips out a bottle and the two of them take a swig.

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4. Tina Fey

One of the best parts about watching Tina Fey and Letterman together is the way he goads her on when she’s telling a story. Fey is funny in her own right but putting the two of them together is a sure way to get a few laughs. In this clip, Fey talks about her fears that her daughter is a sociopath in the making, much to Letterman’s disbelief.

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3. Jennifer Lawrence

America’s sweetheart Jennifer Lawrence visited Letterman’s set in November 2013, and she was her trademark hilarious self. In this clip, Lawrence discusses a recent trip to the hospital in which she got very high on pain medication. Letterman is amused.

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2. Jack Hanna

Some of the best episodes of Late Show with David Letterman feature Letterman’s old friend Jack Hanna, animal expert. It’s hilarious to watch Letterman and Hanna interact, as they trade jokes back and forth. Hanna brings tons of cute (and scary) animals to the show, and Letterman sometimes doesn’t know how to handle Hanna and his menagerie. Hanna is completely genuine and puts on no fronts for the camera.

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1. Amy Sedaris

Amy Sedaris was another frequent visitor to Late Show with David Letterman and the two have amazing chemistry. Sedaris has a very interesting kind of humor, and Letterman gives completely genuine laughs to her jokes. In this clip, Letterman and Sedaris discuss her newest business: a cheeseball company.

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