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Top 10 Easter do-it-yourself decorations

Do you want to decorate your home for Easter, but do not want to spend a lot of money? There are many low cost decorations that you can make. While you prepare for your Easter brunch or Dinner, think about the theme you want to use. Hard boiled decorated eggs are a classic Easter essential. Plus, you can eat them afterwards. You are getting two uses for the price of one. If you count deviled eggs, you will have three uses. If you want to step out of the box and avoid eggs, I provided easy Do It Yourself projects. They are not time consuming and they will add a dash of spring to your home. As you read through the list, take note of the items used. You may have some items you can up-cycle quickly. Up-cycling brings down cost and brings life back to forgotten items. Decorations do not have to be expensive to grab attention.
[New Page=10. Colorful Handmade Easter Eggs on an Apple Tree]
10. Colorful Handmade Easter Eggs on an Apple Tree
Who said you could only use water colors to decorate eggs? Feel free to use glitter, rhinestones, or anything that will make your eggs stand out!

[New Page= 9. Flowers and Carrots Vase]
9. Flowers and Carrots Vase
Have extra carrots from your cake and soup? Cut the stems off and place them in a vase. Put flowers on top, and you have a clever vase.

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[New Page= 8. Rabbit Wreath]
8. Rabbit Wreath
Most items featured in this photo can be purchased at a craft store. For minimalists, It is simple and tasteful.

[New Page=7. Egg Shell Flower Pots]
7. Egg Shell Flower Pots
Don’t have a lot of space for decorations? Don’t worry. These small flower pots will bring life into your space.

[New Page=6. Spring Boots]
6.Spring Boots
Have a pair of aged boots? Use them for your Easter décor. Simply add branches with flower buds and you have something new, fresh, and unexpected. Let the size of the boot determine where you place them in the home.

[New Page=5. Frame, Eggs, and Candles]
5. Frame, Eggs, and Candles
Is your mantel still bare? Pastel painted candle holders, painted eggs, and a upcycled frame can do wonders.

[New Page=4.Yarned Eggs]
4. Yarned Eggs
You’ve seen them painted and bedazzled. How about yarned? Yes, these eggs look great wrapped in yarn. Place them in bowls, or have them stand alone.

[New Page=3. Easter Chandelier]
3. Easter Chandelier
If you are feeling ambitious, this craft is a bit more time consuming than the others. The end product is worth it.
[New Page=2. Personalized Rabbit Napkin Holders]
2.Personalized Rabbit Napkin Holders
These napkin holders are great for small and large gatherings. The extra touch cleverly directs people where they will be sitting. Plus, they are easy to make.
[New Page=1. Mini Easter Baskets]
1. Mini Easter Baskets
Though some of us are too old for Easter baskets, many adults will be happy to receive this favor. Honestly, I used to make these when I was little out of construction paper for my siblings and cousins. This looks more sophisticated than mine. However, feel free to convert this to a project for your children.

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