Top 10 Ed Sheeran singles

Not many pop music fans in the United States had heard of Ed Sheeran a few years ago, but since his debut record and opening for most of the Taylor Swift Red tour, Sheeran is becoming a household name with many. Now the attention is turning to his sophomore album, which he has already released a single off of. Sheeran proved that musicians could make it in the music industry on his own terms.

Sheeran is not afraid to be himself musically and proved that with his first record + . It didn’t take fans long to recognize the talent that Sheeran had when it came to music, once fans heard “The A Team,” it topped the charts and became fan favorite. is counting down the top ten Ed Sheeran songs. From his duet with Taylor Swift to “The A Team,” Sheeran is out to prove that he is one for the music industry to keep watching for. Did your favorite not make the list? Comment below and add your favorite Sheeran singles.

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10. Everything Thing Has Changed ft. Taylor Swift

Sheeran teamed up with tour mate, Taylor Swift, for their chart topping single “Everything Has Changed.” The vocal ranges of Sheeran and Swift complicated each other in a way that combined indie rock and pop in a flawless way.

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9. Small Bump

“Small Bump” is an emotional song from Sheeran that showcased his lyrical skills as a songwriter.

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8. Wake Me Up

“Wake Me Up” showcases the unique way that Sheeran can tell a story through his songwriting skills.

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7. You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

A song that was written about making his own way in the music industry, Sheeran created a fan favorite and showed the industry that he can make his own way, with his own rules.

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6. Drunk

“Drunk” shows Sheeran's fun lyrical writing style and wittiness when it comes to music.

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5. I See Fire

Sheeran was featured on the soundtrack to the The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug with the main track, "I See Fire." Middle earth and Sheeran seemed like a musical match in a fantasy world.

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4. Sing

"Sing" is the first single off of Sheeran's sophomore debut and it shows a new more modern sound while keeping the flavor of Sheeran's music back in the foreground.

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3. Give Me Love

An instant fan favorite at concerts, fans love singing along with Sheeran when the chorus on "Give Me Love" fills every inch of a sold out stadium.

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2. Lego House

“Lego House” was the follow up to the smash hit, "The A Team" and fans loved the use of lyrical storytelling along with his classic acoustic guitar skills. The music video also became a fan favorite - Rupert Grint playing a super fan of Sheeran.

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1. The A Team

The song that started it all for Sheeran was “The A Team” and since that single debuted on the charts Sheeran has become a household name.

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