Top 10 Gwen Stefani singles

Gwen Stefani is a female rock ‘n’ roll superstar. Along with being the front woman for No Doubt, Stefani has also had an incredibly successful solo career. It has now been made public that Stefani is being consider to replace Christina Aguilera for this next season of NBC’s hit show The Voice. Fans are looking forward to seeing what the new chemistry could be like with a rock ‘n’ roll front woman in the seat along side, Pharrell Williams. No other coaches have been announced yet but it is likely that Shelton and Levine would both return to coach another season.

Stefani is known for her unique sound and musical creativity. Her music knows no musical boundaries and fans have been following her career since the start when she was in No Doubt.

In honor of Stefani possibly joining The Voice, is counting down the top ten Gwen Stefani singles as a solo artist. Did your favorite make the list? Comment below and add your favorite. Are you looking forward to the possibility of Stefani joining the next season of The Voice? Add your thoughts in the comment section.

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10. What You Waiting For?

Her first solo album, Love Angel Music Baby, which was released back in 2004 changed the way female artists are viewed in the pop music industry. Stefani broke down musical barriers and created a unique record with a sound all her own. One of the many singles to do well off of that album was “What You Waiting For?”

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9. Crash

“Crash” was also featured on Love Angel Music Baby and became an instant fan favorite.

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8. Rich Girl

“Rich Girl” took over the radio airwaves when Stefani released this duet with Eve. The chorus was catchy and helped to move her solo career into the mainstream music industry.

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7. Luxurious

“Luxurious” was yet another hit single off of the powerhouse album Love Angel Music Baby.

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6. Early Winter

In 2006, Stefani released the follow up to Love Angel Music Baby, The Sweet Escape and had many chart topping singles come off that record, including the well known “Early Winter.”

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5. The Sweet Escape ft. Akon

The first hit single off her second solo album feature Akon and this combination helped Stefani dominate the pop music industry at the time.

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4. 4 in The Morning

“4 in The Morning” has become an instant fan favorite and when it is played live, fans sing along with every word.

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3. Wind It Up

“Wind It Up” showcased Stefani’s unique vocal range and her ability to weave her musical creativity in with strong lyrical storytelling.

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2. Cool

One of the first major hit singles for Stefani was “Cool” which was featured on Love Angel Music Baby. The music video received a lot of attention as well on the video countdown charts at that time.

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1. Hollaback Girl

The song that everyone was singing for months it was released was “Hollaback Girl.” This song had one of the most catchy chorus and melodies ever written and this single helped to take Stefani from a female rock ‘n’ roll band member to a full blown superstar.

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