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On Sunday, OWN aired the season finale of Lindsay. The docu-series follows actress Lindsay Lohan as she struggles to find a steady home in New York and a stable job in an industry that has its doubts about her. Though the show is unlikely to shoot a second season, it became highly successful and let viewers see a different side of Lohan. She did not let the camera crew film many events during the show and in the season finale, she revealed why. New York Daily Times has the clip of the show in which Lohan explains that she had a miscarriage during filming of Lindsay and that’s why cameras were not allowed to film for about two weeks. The news came as a huge shock not only to viewers, but to the camera crew as well since no one knew about it. Though the clip is extremely sad, the show ended on a high note as Lohan looked positive about the future and her upcoming projects. Take a look at ten of Lindsay Lohan’s best roles in movies. Comment below with your favorite!

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10.In 2010, Lohan starred in Machete alongside Danny Trejo, Jessica Alba and many other actors. In the film, she played a promiscuous socialite who eventually became known as “the nun with a gun.”

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9.Lohan starred in Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen in 2004. She played a girl who had multiple personalities and dreamed of starring in a broadway show. It received mixed reviews for its unexciting plot. Despite minimal success, Lohan shined as the movie’s main character Mary/Lola.

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8. In 2002, Lohan starred in Get a Clue, a Disney Channel Original Movie. She played a teen journalist who sought answers to a missing teacher from her school. Lohan starred opposite Bug Hall who played Alfalfa in The Little Rascals in the 1994 reboot.

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7. The independent film I Know Who Killed Me received horrible reviews for its lackluster plot and low-budget filming. The film was released in theaters, but was quickly taken out for its low ticket sales and sent straight to DVD. Lohan’s jab at independent films led to people mocking the actress for the lack of depth within the characters she played in the movie.

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6. Tyra Banks brought Eve to life in Life-Size. Lohan starred opposite Banks in this children’s movie about friendship and determination. Last year, Banks confirmed she was working on a sequel to the movie. Lohan has yet to comment about starring in the sequel.

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5.The biopic Liz & Dick was supposed to be Lohan’s comeback film, but mixed reviews gave the actress a sup-par rating. The Lifetime Original Movie centered on the relationship between Elizabeth Taylor, played by Lohan and Richard Burton who was played by Grant Bowler.

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4. The reboot of Freaky Friday became a massive Disney success in theaters and eventually lead to Lohan’s 2-album music career. The movie showed Lohan in her acting prime before controversies and negativity overtook her career. Lohan has recently been doing much better and is on her way to redemption.

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3.Lindsay Lohan starred opposite Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman in this heartfelt movie about three generations of women trying to find a strong bond between them. Lindsay was criticized for her tardiness and absences during filming without letting the crew know. A letter penned by James G. Robinson to Lindsay telling her to get her act together was made public before the premiere of the movie.

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2.The world fell in love with Lindsay Lohan in The Parent Trap. The reboot of the classic movie was extremely successful and is loved by people everywhere to this day. Lohan played twins who were separated at birth and switch lives at a summer camp a few years later to get their parents back together. The film stars the late Natasha Richardson who passed away in 2009 in a skiing accident.

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1. Linday Lohan’s role in Mean Girls was not only one of the best roles she played, but it also became one of the most iconic roles in modern movie history. The highly successful movie just celebrated it’s ten-year anniversary. The movie is said to be in talks to film a reunion with the original cast. On Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live!, Lohan said she would be open to star in a sequel project for Mean Girls.

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