Top 10 Lindsay Lohan songs

Lindsay Lohan embarked on a short-lived music career in 2004. After a string of successful movies, Lohan decided to dip her feet into the music industry. Following the release of Freaky Friday, Lohan dropped her first album titled Speak. The album’s first single “Rumors” was a dance-pop track with an infectious beat and a strong message about those pesky paparazzi. Lohan filmed a video for the song and it was featured on MTV’s Total Request Live. She followed “Rumors” with “Over” and “First.” “First was featured on the soundtrack for Herbie: Fully Loaded which Lohan also starred in. The album was promoted with a few live performances on TV and at radio music shows. The following year, Lohan released her second album, A Little More Personal (Raw). The only single “Confessions of a Broken Heart (Daughter to Father)” failed to perform as well as her previous singles. That was the last album Lohan released under Casablanca Records. She released the dance-beat heavy “Bossy” on iTunes in 2008 which was supposed to go on her third album, but plans to release the album were never exectuted. In December of 2013, TMZ reported that Lohan was in the recording studio making music once again. Take a look at ten of Lindsay Lohan’s best songs she’s recorded. Comment below with your favorite!

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