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Lady Gaga is currently in the middle of her seven Roseland Ballroom shows in New York City. The iconic pop superstar will be the final act to perform on the Roseland stage before it closes its doors for good. In October of 2013, Rolling Stone reported that the famous concert venue would be closing its doors for the last time in April of this year. It was later announced that Lady Gaga would headline seven concerts in the final days of the Ballroom to give the NY staple a proper farewell. The “Bad Romance” singer has had a rough past couple of months, but has since teamed up with new management and released a new single and video for “G.U.Y.” Time reported that Lady Gaga will broadcast her seventh and final show at the Roseland Ballroom at on April 7. Take a look at ten of Lady Gaga’s best performances that have been broadcasted online or on TV. Comment below with your favorite performance!

[new page Lady Gaga at the Roseland Ballroom]

10. Though it has yet to air, Gaga’s closing night at the Roseland Ballroom will be one to remember. It will be the last show performed at the famed NYC venue before it closes its doors for the last time. Here’s Gaga performing “G.U.Y” at an earlier show at the Roseland:

[new page = Aura at SXSW]

9.Lady Gaga headlined this year’s SXSW festival in Texas. She performed a slew of songs, including many off of her new album, Artpop. She opened her set with “Aura” where she portrayed a person attached on a rotisserie.

[new page = Artpop on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon]

8.Lady Gaga helped welcome Jimmy Fallon to his new late-night talk show as she performed the title track off Artpop. The song was rumored to be the third single for the album, but it was silently overpassed by “G.U.Y.”

[new page = Gypsy on SNL]

7. Lady Gaga served double duty at Saturday Night Live as host and musical guest in November of 2013. She performed two songs off Artpop, including “Gypsy.”

[new page = Venus on The X Factor]

6. The supposed second single from Artpop never got to see the light of day…at least not yet. Gaga performed “Venus” on the UK version of The X Factor to promote the new album back in the fall of 2013.

[new page = Gaga’s first TV performance]

5.The glory days of The Fame are somewhat nostalgic as we compare early Gaga with today’s version. Her very first televised performance exposed her to a new world that would eventually make her one of the biggest pop stars of the decade. Her very first performance on TV was that of “Just Dance.”

[new page = Gaga on Oprah]

4.Lady Gaga performed on Oprah after the release of her EP, The Fame Monster. On the talk show, she performed a medley of “Monster,” “Bad Romance” and “Speechless.”

[New page = Born This Way at the 2011 Grammys]

3. In 2011, Lady Gaga released her most successful album so far, Born This Way. She performed the title track at the 2011 Grammy Awards. That year saw the superstar explode and launch a worldwide tour. The tour was later canceled before it was finished due to an injury.

[new page = Do What U Want at the AMAs]

2.Lady Gaga failed to release a video for “Do What U Want,” but that never stopped her from doing her rounds and performing the song at multiple televised events. She performed the song at the 2013 American Music Awards along with R. Kelly in a pop-culture-filled performance mirroring a certain presidential controversy.

[new page = Paparazzi at the 2009 VMAs]

1.Gaga’s most iconic performance happened at the 2009 MTV Video Music Awards. She performed “Paparazzi” complete with fake blood and a fake death. That year, she took home the award for Best New Artist which lead to the amazing career that was ahead of her.

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