Top 10 Memorable 'How I Met Your Mother' Moments

How I Met Your Mother fans fell in love with five characters who taught its watchers many lessons including never settling when it comes to love, nothing good happens after 2 a.m. and a good bro will always be there for you.

We fell in love with Lily and Marshall’s relationship. We couldn’t help but feel a sense of hope every time Ted said he found “the one” even though we were just as exasperated as his friends. We loved everything about Robin’s bad-ass independence. And even though Barney came across as a totally playboy, we couldn’t help but love his bro code, pick-up lines, legen – wait for it – dary ideas, and the sensitive side that would appear every now and then.

The popular nine-season series ended on March 31, but just because we had to say goodbye to our favorite characters, it doesn’t mean we can’t remember some of the greatest moments of the beloved series.
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We start off the list with Robin Sparkles, who became an icon for the series when we first found out that the news anchor was a former Canadian teen singer. Some of her popular songs included "Let's Go to the Mall," "The Beaver Song" and "P.S. I Love You." Let's take a moment to appreciate the completely cheesy teen-pop songs that provided jokes for the Mclarens group for the rest of the series.

[New Page=The Suit Song]

They're oh so debonair, the perfect way to snare a girl with daddy issues...they're suits! Coming in at number 9 is the catchy broadway inspired Suit Song featuring Barnney singing lead and his friends as backup. Not to mention Marshall is adorable when he has a small solo. Doesn't it make you want to wear your very own suit?

[New Page=The Playbook]

Barney is famous for his Playbook which features his interesting, lame, weird, and (admit it) genius plays to get a girl. The Playbook becomes an important feature in the series - and even comes with its own Bro Code. You have to admit, there are some plays that you would love to try, just to see if it actually works.

And picking up a girl by only using dolphin noises? Challenged accepted!

[New Page=Poor Patrice]

No one asked you Patrice! This poor woman tried so hard to be best friends with Robin. She let Robin live with her for a short while, baked her goodies and was a genuine good friend. Robin, however, showed her love in the friendship in a...different way.

[New Page=The Bang Bang Song]

Number 6 on the list is the song everyone should know. It started off as Marshall's way of expressing how "active" Barney is and, well, now everyone is going around singing it: "I said bang bang, a bangity bang..."

[New Page=The Robin]

No one thought Barney would ever settle down and actually get married until he made Robin his last play in his Playbook. This incredibly romantic and well-though out proposal may have been created by a web of lies but we're willing to overlook that. Excuse us while we go and grab some tissues.

[New Page=The Eight Slaps]
At number 4 is the eight slaps that Barney receives for losing a bet. Lily gives Barney the choice to have 10 consecutive slaps or to take the punishment of five slaps that will be delivered over the course of eternity. Barney chooses the latter and ends up getting three more slaps added on when he swaps the three slaps for not having to wear a hideous ducky tie. A little know fact: never take part in a slap bet with a 6' 2'' man.

[New Page=Lily and Marshall's New Vows]

I doubt there was a dry eye in sight when Lily and Marshall renewed their vows in season 9. Fans fell in love with the perfect relationship that included their "pauses" during a fight, couple costumes and cute nicknames. They are the epitome of true love.

[New Page=The Love of Barney's Life]
We all thought Robin would be the love of Barney's life but sadly he just wasn't meant to have that one woman that he would love forever - until he met the one little girl who had all the power to change his mind.

[New Page=A Yellow Umbrella and One Blue French Horn]

Finally, the best moment of How I Met Your Mother: Whether you loved or hated the ending of the series, the ending was one to remember. It wrapped up the lives of our favorite characters, their friends and family and we did get to meet the mother. The most important part? We find out that a great love is something to cherish and wait for, and sometimes you are lucky enough to get two soul mates.

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