Top 10 'Veronica Mars' guest stars

A long time ago, we used to be friends.

While Veronica Mars, the TV series ended in 2007, many of the guest stars are major stars today. The stars range from a reality star to one of the Mean Girls.

The series stars Kristen Bell as Veronica Mars, a teenager who does private investigation work. In the third season, she gets a real PI license. Throughout the series she gets help from her friends Wallace (Percy Daggs III), Weevil (Francis Capra) and Mac (Tina Majorino). The four often work together to clear their names or their friends’ names in cases.

Veronica has multiple love interests throughout the series. There is her first boyfriend Duncan Kane (Teddy Dunn), who breaks up with her because he believes they are half-siblings. There is Troy (Aaron Ashmore), who Veronica dumps after she realizes that he is a lying drug dealer. Then there is Piz (Chris Lowell). She dates Piz in college and even in the movie. However, Veronica is always drawn to Logan (Jason Dohring).

Logan and Veronica end up together after the movie. Just as Logan said in the second season of the show, they have an epic love story. After Logan’s second girlfriend is murdered, Veronica helps to clear his name and then they fall back in love.

Veronica Mars only had two seasons before it was cancelled. However, after a kickstarter campaign, the Veronica Mars movie was released, updating us on all of the characters’ unfinished stories.

In 2004, most of the people on the list weren’t big names. However, ten years later, it is shocking to even think that some of these people had such small roles. There are more than ten big names in the series. Others include Paul Rudd, Kevin Smith and even a young Alyson Hannigan.

Here are ten people who were guest stars on Veronica Mars.

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10. Max Greenfield

Veronica Mars role: He played Leo D’Amato. Leo was a deputy who also dated Veronica. After Veronica used him to get into the evidence locker, Leo was put on suspension. Then, he gave Logan his father’s sex tapes and got fired. But, Keith Mars rehired him in season three. Greenfield was in the Veronica Mars movie.

What he’s up to now: After his role as Leo, Greenfield didn’t have many other major jobs. Now, you can see him on New Girl He plays Schmidt, the resident douche bag.

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9. Adam Scott

Veronica Mars role:Scott played Mr. Rooks, Veronica’s favorite teacher that was accused of sleeping with Carrie Fisher, a student. While Veronica proved that he did not sleep with Carrie, it was revealed that he did sleep with another student and got her pregnant.

What he’s up to now: Scott plays Ben Wyatt on Parks and Recreation. He was also in the film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.

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8. Dianna Agron

Veronica Mars role: Agron played Jenny Budosh. She was in Veronica’s criminology class. After hearing Weevil speak in Veronica’s criminology class, Jenny framed Weevil for changing students’ cards to give them unlimited funds. Of course, Veronica caught her and all of her friends.
What she’s up to now: She has been in Glee recently as Quinn Fabray. Agron was also in the film, The Family.

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7. Michael Cera

Veronica Mars role: Cera was Dean, a tour guide for Hearst College. He led Veronica and Wallace around the campus and showed them everything they needed to know. Cera was in the episode when we first saw the serial rapist who shaved women’s heads after raping them.
What he’s up to now: Cera is doing the revamp of Arrested Development. On that show he plays George-Michael Bluth. He also plays Sal Viscuso on Chidrens Hospital.

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6. Amanda Seyfried

Veronica Mars role: Seyfried played Lily Kane on the series. While she died before the series even began, she had a huge role in the first season and a smaller role in the second. Lily was Veronica’s best friend, Duncan’s sister and Logan’s girlfriend. Then, Logan’s father murdered her. Veronica and Duncan often had visions of Lily. Veronica spent most of the first season trying to solve her murder.
What she’s up to now: Seyfried has been very popular. She was in the film The Big Wedding as the bride. She was Cosette in Les Miserables and will be seen in the new movie A Million Ways to Die in the West.

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5. Paris Hilton

Veronica Mars role: She played Caitlin Ford, Logan’s girlfriend. Caitlin was sleeping with one of the PCHers and he stole Logan’s family’s credit cards in order to pay for his affair with her. After the 09ers found out Caitlin’s affair, her popularity dropped.
What she’s up to now: Nothing. Paris is simply living the life as someone who is famous for being famous.

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4. Jonathan Taylor Thomas

Veronica Mars role: Thomas played Ben, an undercover FBI agent trying to get to the bottom of a bomb threat. Ben forced Veronica into a hotel room while she was on the phone with Logan and Logan came to save her. It was revealed that Ben was framing someone so he could catch another “bad guy.”
What he’s up to now: He has a guest starring role on Last Man Standing. He plays John Baker. Last Man Standing stars Tim Allen, Thomas’ Home Improvement dad.

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3. Jane Lynch

Veronica Mars role: Lynch played Mrs. Donaldson, a teacher who covered up for school president election fraud. When Duncan Kane was running against Wanda, Mrs. Donaldson fights a recount when Duncan wins.
What he’s up to now: She is the host of Hollywood Game Night. She is also mean and sassy cheerio coach Sue Sylvester on Glee.

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2. Aaron Paul

Veronica Mars role: Paul played Eddie, the unstable accused murderer. After women get taken from bars and show up dead a few days later, the Neptune police department suspects Eddie. He is cleared and a guitar storeowner is the one who does it.
What he’s up to now: He is known for his role as Jesse Pinkman on Breaking Bad. He was also the lead in the recent Need For Speed film.

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1. Jessica Chastain

Veronica Mars role: Chastain played Veronica’s pregnant neighbor, Sarah. She asks Veronica to take her to the doctor but goes missing before Veronica takes her. While Veronica originally believes that Sarah’s boyfriend was responsible, it was revealed that Sarah ran away.
What she’s up to now: She was in Zero Dark Thirty. She was also in Mama, The Help and Lawless.

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