Wicked Audio Evac Headphones

Trying out the EVAC Headphones by Wicked Audio brings you back to late 70's early 80's nostalgia. These headphones provide a simple quality headphone featuring thin wiring, soft stitched fabric and a metal frame to adjust for your comfort. The earphones are super cushy and soft; both of my kids also tried them and said "these do not bother my ears" (LOL). The sound quality is wonderful(the bass in particular is amazing).

My family has tried many different headphones over the years (ear buds, head phones, portable this and that) and these pass the test for comfort and sound quality. They even fold down to become super portable, making them perfect for road trips and on an airplane. Color options include black, green and white. The Evac is truly affordable around $30.00; a truly perfect music listening option for everyone. For more information or to purchase products please visit www.wickedaudio.com. (They are also available on Amazon.com). Please visit the Company on Facebook at www.facebook.com/wickedaudio.

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