'Workaholics' Recap: 'DeputyDong'

Adam, Blake, and Anders, go on an undercover mission to Arizona in search of their gamer enemy, “DeputyDong.”

The boys have been heckled and beaten by DeputyDong for far too long via their online game station headsets. He is too skilled and too harsh to beat. It seems as though the day as come for them to throw in the towel and surrender. But, when Blake finds himself being harassed during a phone call at work, the voice sounds all too familiar. He makes the connection that it is Deputy Dong, and fortunately for them they get his address on file. They see no choice but to find him face to face and put him in his place.

Our Workaholics arrive at Sir Deputy’s house in Arizona, but with virtually no plan other than to dress in all black and claim they are agents of “Black Ops.” Blake, also known as “Chamillitary Man” or “Blue Blazer,” is the chosen one to sneak inside the home. While Blake is tip-toeing around, Adam is being his usual, impetuous, self by burning his body with dry ice in the front yard. So far, things don’t seem to be working to their advantage. To make matters worse, DeputyDong comes home in his police car and uniform. They are dealing with a real life deputy.

They don’t exactly take what they have learned in the video game and put it to practice. In reality, they are quite clumsy. Further, their deputy foe is not alone. At least six more policemen show up to the Deputy’s house to celebrate the life of their fallen partner. This has to be the worst timing possible to plan revenge on someone. Adam and Anders decide its smart to play along with the scenario they have been given. Naturally, they walk up to the front door as if they were invited to this little collation.

Meanwhile, Blake finds his own ally inside – DeputyDong’s son. His son likes to sew, draw, and has an impeccable taste for fashion. It’s not surprising he has virtually nothing in common with his dad. With that, he could not be happier to help Blake destroy his father’s gaming system. As Adam and Anders distract the cops with an improvised Irish song, Blake disguises himself in his new friend’s laundry basket in order to make their way to the gaming room.

Just as Blake is about to destroy the console, Deputy walks in. They have failed their undercover mission. Anders tells Deputy why they are really there, and Deputy has an intimate moment with his son where they make amends. Ultimately, DeputyDong offers to spend less time playing video games and minimize his verbal assault. However, Adam, Blake, and Anders, are not out of the dog house. They end up getting drowned in maize before they make their way back to Rancho Cucamonga.

Overall, the episode wasn’t too thrilling and not my favorite by any means. But, I did love their guest star!

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