Wrigley Field celebrates its 100th birthday

Exactly 100 years ago today, the Chicago Federals won against the Kansas City Packers in the first game ever played in Wrigley Field.

According to The Associated Press, hall of fame stars like Ernie Banks, Billy Williams and Andre Dawson were all there to celebrate the 100th birthday of the baseball field.

Memories and stories from the first game in 1914 flowed as well as memories from playing on the field in the last 100 years.

"It just gives me goose bumps because I had a chance to play here," Williams said. "I often said this was my playground during the summer for so many years. So I have enjoyed it and I still enjoy it."

Wrigley Field is just what it sounds like, a field. There is nothing overly extravagant or special about it, but the memories that have been made there are certainly unique, according to Sports Illustrated.

Wrigley Field is really as dull as it gets as far as baseball parks go, but has always appealed to people’s need for something familiar. The field is like a grandparent figure, who simply tells us a story and makes us feel comfortable.

It really resembles the “first draft” of a ballpark-America’s past time. As the city grows up around the ballpark, the more people seem to like it.

Wrigley Field will soon have renovations, including a Jumbotron, but the Ricketts family (owners of the field) aspire to preserve the charm that the field has now.

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