2014 NFL Draft: Day 1 Recap: Jadeveon Clowney goes Number 1

As day one of the NFL Draft dwindled down, media members everywhere plot their opinions. Winners and losers start to be smeared all over the web, and this article is no exception.


Houston Texans:

When a franchise can say they have J.J. Watt on one-side and Jadeveon Clowney on the other side, they can officially say their defense is now in business. They selected the freakish-talented Clowney with the number-one overall selection last night.

The Texans are coming off a 2-14 season and still need a quarter-back, but the idea of the “dual-threat” edge rushers was too much excitement to pass on.

Cleveland Browns:

Two first-round picks does not guarantee you anything in this league, you must choose the right guys. For a Cleveland franchise seemingly always in transition they decided to go both offense and defense.

With the eighth-overall pick they selected what most experts consider the top corner in the draft in Oklahoma State’s Justin Gilbert. Then, however, Radio City Music Hall erupted as the Browns answered the big elephant in the room which was Johnny Manziel.

After much debate about where the rock-star of this class would go, he will be going to Cleveland. With a solid foundation both at corner and quarterback, the Browns were huge-winners on day-one.


Buffalo Bills:

The Bills drafted wide-receiver Sammy Watkins with the fourth-overall pick. Watkins is considered by everybody to be the top wide-receiver in the draft. It cannot be debated that Watkins is a great talent, but the drastic-measures the Bills took to acquire him was costly.

The Bills gave up their first-round selection this year (ninth-overall pick), their first-round and fourth-round selection next season, according to ESPN. A very steep price to pay to move up only five-slots.


Usually the losers that show up on these lists are those that trade away valuable assets. The Washington Redskins easily fall into this category, and not for anything they did last night.

In 2012, the Rams fleeced the Redskins by acquiring three first-round picks and a second-round pick for the rights to Robert Griffin III, according to Fox Sports. The Skins watched last night as the Rams chose Auburn tackle Greg Robinson in their number-two slot of the first-round (via the RG3 trade).

Being left holding the bag while everybody drastically improves talent is the easiest way to fall behind in the National Football League. RG3 must get back to 2012 for D.C. to forget about this night.

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