Aerosmith may not make another full length album again

Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry made a bold statement on the future of his band, and whether or not they will ever cut another record again.

According to Rolling Stone in an interview the axman stated their contract with Sony Records has been fulfilled. This puts them in a lucrative position, especially with many success stories of bands, let alone ones of Aerosmith’s stature and tenure, successfully releasing music without the help of a label. “I don't even know if making new albums makes sense anymore,” Perry said. “Maybe we'll just release an EP every six months. I don't know what the future looks like."

Although their last album Music From Another Dimension! debuted at #5 on the charts, it quickly disappeared, and none of the singles even touched Billboard’s Hot 100. Perry, still proud of the record and material itself, suggested they didn’t have as much backing with the label, with chairman Steve Barnett, a long time Aerosmith supporter, left three weeks before the album came out. The single “Legendary Child”, which was featured in the G.I. Joe movie, got pushed back six months when the movie was delayed to get the 3D treatment.

Celebrating their 40 plus years together, Aerosmith are headed out on the road with Slash for their Let Rock Rule tour this summer, kicking off in July and heading throughout the states until mid-September.

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